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All the while Mr, Little was giving his testimony, Mr.
Munn was covertly watching Bunk Trevelyan. Trevelyan
was leaning back in his chair, his size filling it. Part of the
time he seemed to be giving attention to what the witness
was saying, but only with a kind of strained and uninterested
politeness; then his glance would stray to one of the high
windows beyond which, against the chilly-looking, impersonal
blueness of the sky, the tips of black boughs were visible, bare
except for a few rags of leaves. He did not seem disturbed or
surprised at the testimony about the knife; he did not even
seem interested. Without looking at the jury Mr. Munn
could feel the tension there. This was the moment that was
bringing the trial to focus for them. There was almost always
such a moment, when the men in the jury box would lean
forward a little bit, and you just about knew whether you had
won or lost

This was the time, he was almost sure, hopelessly; and was
surer when, immediately after Mr. Little got down, the
coroner, Doctor Abel, was put on the stand again and, hold-
ing the bright, clean knife in his hand and turning it slowly
over and over, said that the four stab wounds in the back
of the deceased could have been made by this kind of knife.
They were wide enough and deep enough, he said, for the
first wound entered the back just below the twelfth rib and
penetrated the inner half of the right kidney of the deceased,
cfcniag the renal artery. " That's the one," he said, assuming
an air of authority, "that must have been made first." And
lie reached to his own back, clumsily, for he was a fat man,
to indicate the point of entry. "Just like I said," he added;
then continued, "and that second wound between the eleventh
wd twelfth ribs, that one was clean in to the liver and pene-
trated the portal vein, yes, sir. And the one up in the lung__

the one that must have been made last, like I said, when the
naa was slaking down—up between the third and fourth
rifcs about the middle between the fourth dorsal vertebra

«**-----* The voice went on and on, but Mr. Munn was not